Criminal Law

The attorneys at the Caplan Law Group are here to assist you with all types of criminal matters. When you are facing criminal charges, it is easy to get confused with the judicial system and its procedures. Often times, defendants do not believe they need the assistance of an attorney due to their understanding of how the court system should work or the defendant’s sincere belief that what has occurred is not a crime. Prosecutors and judges are accustomed to all aspects of criminal law and the defenses that are applicable in certain circumstances. However, the prosecutor’s goal is to serve the ends of justice which often means convicting the party they believe holds some culpability.

The state has an attorney to further its interest of a criminal conviction. Why shouldn’t a defendant have an attorney to protect his or her interest? Our attorneys are here to help you or your loved one navigate the criminal justice system and zealously advocate for our clients. By hiring an attorney, you are balancing the scales of a fair trial and are not admitting guilt. Further, an attorney with our firm can ensure that any plea offer from the state is fair and that you are not giving up rights that you do not intend.

Our firm is here for you during this time of hardship and will protect your rights while making sure that you understand what is occurring procedurally throughout your defense. If you are going through a criminal matter and wish to speak with someone that can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact the Caplan Law Group.