Personal Injury

People are injured everyday through the fault of others or due to the failure to keep property safe for guests; however, most people who are injured do not follow up with an attorney to understand their rights. If the individual who caused the injury has insurance, they will typically call and let their insurance carrier know what happened to make sure the facts appear to favor them. The insurance companies will then follow up with the injured and make sure that they record the conversation while asking questions that favor their customer’s assessment of the facts. If you have been injured, make sure you speak to an attorney before giving any statement to the other party’s insurance carrier. The insurance company has an attorney, shouldn’t you?

Many people who suffer an injury experience shock and do not recognize the long term effects of an accident immediately. Injuries can present themselves over months or sometimes years and before settling with an insurance carrier, it is always smart to discuss the settlement offer with an attorney who has seen your type of injury. When selecting an attorney to represent you in a personal injury matter, you are selecting an attorney and law office that will be involved for an often extended period of time. Make sure that you feel comfortable that the office will be accessible to you when you need an update and that you convey any information received by your insurer regularly. Our firm prides itself on its willingness to maintain communication throughout the process and will meet with you throughout the process.