Real Estate Law

The Caplan Law Group is here to protect your interests on all types of real estate transactions. We regularly represent individuals and business entities for real estate matters that vary in complexity from residential home purchases to commercial transactions. Rest assured, with a client centered approach, our focus is on detail, service, and communication and we treat each transaction as if it was our only transaction. This style of legal representation has allowed the Caplan Law Group to close tens of thousands of real estate transactions. Please contact us today so we can timely assist with your real estate needs.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Our dynamic office has years of experience and prides itself on the ability to help with all varieties of real estate transactions. We represent a wide variety of clients ranging from a first time homebuyers who is in the military and looking to take advantage of VA Loan to seasoned investors.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial real estate transactions and leases do not lend themselves to one type of form or structure. Commercial properties include, but are not limited to retail space, multi-family, industrial, office and transactions differ by size, location, the property's use, tenants and their leases, tax complexities and financing. Our attorneys are skilled in assisting in both the structuring of transactions and preparing and/or reviewing the required documentation and assisting clients in their due diligence process.

Commercial and Residential Purchase & Sales Agreements

No two transactions are identical and our attorneys understand the nuances and different issues that arise depending on the nature of the transaction. Our attorneys understand the contract needs for purchasing everything from a residence to an apartment facility or a hotel or other commercial structure and assist clients in the negotiation and drafting process.

REO or Bank/Lender Owned Properties

Purchasing REO or bank/lender owned properties pose special risks since often closings deadlines are short and inspection rights may be limited. Our attorneys can guide you through the factors that need to be considered in participating in this type of purchase.

Residential Leases

Leasing residential property in Virginia, can be a very complex endeavor and each term of the lease can be individually drafted to protect our client’s individual concerns. Our attorneys understand the Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act, regularly enforce leases, and have a down to earth approach to make sure that all parties to a lease understand their responsibilities.


Foreclosures in Virginia occur rapidly in comparison to many other states. Purchasing property at foreclosure requires that the title be examined and the review by an attorney to make sure the proper formalities have been followed.

Land Sale Contracts

Land sale contracts are a form of seller financing in which title remains vested in the seller until the full purchase price has been paid. Our attorneys prepare all the documents for such transactions, including escrow agreements governing deliver of the deed to the purchaser.


Refinancing a home can provide a tremendous benefit to the owner at very little out of pocket costs. Our skilled attorneys can meet with you to discuss some of the legal benefits and issues that may arise throughout the process.


A sublease allows an original tenant to authorize a third-party to take over in their place on the original lease. It is very important to contact an attorney before moving forward with a sublease to understand the legal responsibilities of all parties involved with the lease.

Commercial Leases

Business entities come in more than one type depending on the goals involved and the nature of business to be transacted. Our attorneys are experienced in assisting clients in selecting the property business entity structure and preparing requisite documents and contracts.

Lease with Option to Purchase

A lease with an option to purchase grants the tenant the right to purchase the leased property at a set price within the specified option period. It is important that an attorney assist in drafting a lease with option to purchase to properly incorporate the purchase terms and deliveries at closing in the event the option is exercised.

Short Sales

A short sale allows the seller to sell property for less than the amount owed to the seller’s lender. Our law firm negotiates short sales and is always available to meet and discuss the steps required in having a successful sale of your property.