Title Insurance

An owner’s title insurance policy is an important insurance policy that protects the purchaser of a real estate property and ensures that the purchaser is the true owner of the real property, free and clear of adverse liens, encumbrances and third party claims. Institutional lenders and numerous private lenders require a lender’s title insurance policy which guarantees their lien position on the property and protects against adverse liens, encumbrances and third party claims.

Caplan Law Group is an authorized settlement agent for various fortune five hundred title insurance underwriters and this law firm provides service to satisfy the title insurance company’s requirements to ensure prior liens, encumbrances, and judgments are properly satisfied to ensure our Client will be given marketable title at closing.

Caplan Law Group is directly connected with title insurance companies to assist in expediting your real estate transaction. Please call us today for assistance with any matter that pertains to your family.